Types of Saligrama's


Twenty types of Saligrama are known. These are classified based on shap, size, color, openings (Dwaras), Chakras(natural carvings), lines etc.Some of them are are as follows:

1. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: Light dark in color, one opening, four chakrasand one line.

2. Pradhyumna Saligrama: Small, one chakra on the top, and with crookedopenings.

3. Aniruddah Saligrama: Round, light yellow to yellow color, smooth glasslike appearnace. Brongs peace and happiness to the owner.

4. Vasudeva Saligrama: Equivalent to worshipping Krishna himself. Round,shiny, with one opening surrounded by two chakras. Brings to devotees theirheart’s desires.

5. Sankarshana Saligrama: Two chakras facing each other. Narrow in the frontand wider at the back. For Brahmacharis, it brings knowledge.

6. Narasimha Saligrama: Worshipped with great devotion. Contains two chakrasand shape is varied. The devotee of this Saligrama becomes a sarva sangatyagi (renunciate) and a jitendria.

7. Lakshmi Narasimha Saligrama: Not a sugra as the Narasimha Saligrama. ThisSaligrama is thus an embodiment of pleasantness.This has a wide opening, has two chakra an also has a garland type of line.This brings to the devotees peace and solace.

8. Hayagriva Saligrama: Horse faced with two chakras. Not so appealing inappearance. Specially for gnanam (education).

9. Sudarshana Saligrama: Has a ordinary form with one Chakra.

10. Gadadhara Saligrama: Very ordinary with one chakra.

11. Madhusudana Saligrama: Dark cloud color and wheel shape. Has the signsimilar to foot print of a calf. Very Holy.

12. Lakshminarayana Saligrama: One opening with a garland like line. color ofdark clouds, four chakras. Very rare and special. Fulfils all desires ofBhaktas.

13. Lakshmijanardhana Saligrama: Same as above (12) but without garland shapeline.

14. Vamana Saligrama: Small in size, lighter shade of black color, twochakras with no opening.

15. Sridhara Saligrama: Same as above(14) but with a garland like line.Brings good luck and progress to the devotees.

16. Raghunatha Saligrama: Two openings, four chakras and a sign similar tofoot print of a calf.

17. Damodara Saligrama: Huge, found commonly in temples. Has two chakras.

18. RaNa Rama Saligrama: Round, moderate size, with two chakras, baby feetsign, bow and arrow signs.

19. Rajarajeshwara Saligrama: Same shape as above (17), but with sevenchakras and the sign of an umbrella(Chatri). Brings Raja Yoga and RajaSanmanam to the devotees.

20. Anantha Saligrama: Pitch black with 14 chakras. Holiest of theSaligramas. Very rare.

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